What causes shaving rash and how you can prevent it

What causes shaving rash and how you can prevent it

Shaving rash is caused by irritation to the skin when shaving. Here are some factors that can contribute to irritation and helpful advice on products that help protect against irritation:

Blunt razor blades

Remember it is important to replace your blades regularly to avoid irritation. Products such as our Schick Hydro 5 razor feature our 5 EASYGLIDE BLADES® with patented Skin Guards to reduce irritation. Skin Guards is a world first technology, designed for Hydro razors.

Failure to use shave preparations

Using a shave preparation like our Schick Hydro Sensitive Shave Gel that is designed for sensitive skin should help reduce irritation and keep your skin smooth.

Sensitive skin

Ensure that you use a shave preparation and razor that are designed for sensitive skin.  Schick Hydro Sensitive Shave gel is our anti-irritation formula which is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.